Helping Professionals Think, Feel, Perform Better

Hollis is on a mission to build happier, healthier, higher performing workforces. We identify mindsets & behaviours to level-up in, connect individuals like you to a matched coach, and serve curated insights that nudge you towards a state of thriving.

I can fly

Uniquely combining the best of Human and Digital

Workforce Wellbeing

Hollis benchmarks individuals against a model of what it means to be thriving so we can identify who stands to benefit most.

Scalable Coaching

Our mix of cutting-edge coaching and targeted digital interventions promote uplifts in mindsets, behaviours & wellbeing.

Lasting Benefits

Only a proactive, ongoing approach can lead to lasting improvements in resilience, focus, engagement, stress & burnout.

For humans, by humans

On a mission to build happier, healthier, higher performing workforces

Nataniel Kraizelburd

CEO & Co-founder

With a background as behavioural researcher, product designer and People & Culture champion, Nate's purpose is to elevate the world of work.

Guillaume Ang

COO & Co-founder

Having founded numerous start-ups, Guillaume brings experience scaling on-demand workforces, along with the desire to see every human shine.

Alexander Markov

CTO & Co-founder

With over a decade working as a security engineer across tech scale-ups, Sasha's expertise ensures our platform is as safe as possible.

Backed by industry experts

Leading behavioural coaches & org psychs are helping bring our vision to life


As featured in the AFR and Startup Daily

Hollis is thrilled to be part of Antler Australia's inaugural cohort of backed ventures.

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